this is my first english tech-article.
it’s about installing oracle client in centos/debian/ubuntu…. etc.
here is the example of installing in centos.

install client package

first, download oracle client RPM package.
you can download it in windows/mac/desktop linux first, and copy its link,
choose which version you shold download,

In summary, Oracle Client 18 and 12.2 can connect to Oracle Database 11.2 or greater. Oracle Client 12.1 can connect to Oracle Database 10.2 or greater. Oracle Client 11.2 can connect to Oracle Database 9.2 or greater. – node-oracledb document 3.1 Prerequisites


$ wget "<your-download-link>"

then, you can install it via yum

$ mv <your-package>.rpm?auth=xxxxx <your-package>.rpm
$ yum install ./<your-package>.rpm

here is the list you may should install

$ oracle-instantclient1x.x-basic
$ oracle-instantclient1x.x-devel
$ oracle-instantclient1x.x-jdbc
$ oracle-instantclient1x.x-sqlplus

then, set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH to your path,

$ sudo vi /etc/ 
+ /usr/lib/oracle/12.1/client64/lib
$ ldconfig

test your network & db connection

$ nmap -p 80


$ sqlplus64 "user/password@Host:Port/service_name"

(☝read sqlplus64 --help carefully and do not trust me☝)

use programming language (nodejs)

use oracle-db (offical support, however document has some light mistakes)

$ npm install oracledb

and read document & sample code, then use it!

node-oracledb 3.1 Documentation for the Oracle Database Node.js Add-on



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